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Few of us in this life are left untouched by grief. Whether it’s the loss of a friend or family member, coping …

November 9, 2014

WHAT I’M LOVING ♥ RIGHT NOW! I am pretty good about keeping up with hair maintenance.  I have a short style, which means …

March 26, 2014

WHAT I’M ♥ LOVING RIGHT NOW The weather here in the Midwest has been above average cold this year.  Which means it’s not …

February 5, 2014

DOUGHNUTS, JUICE & MAKE OVERS So it was just a typical weekday morning for me.  You know the drill: hopped out of …

September 27, 2013

In this age of egocentrism, how refreshing to meet someone who is truly trying to leave the world a better place.   …

September 9, 2013

THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB! Sometimes you find a product and think, “Genius!  I wish I had known about this years …

August 22, 2013
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